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Our dedicated team of experienced coaches is committed to guiding you through the intricacies of interpersonal connections

Michelle Arani

Specialities Family Dynamics, Divorce, Mental Health

As a seasoned professional with over 19 years of experience in the field of psychiatry. Michelle serves as a dedicated Psychiatric Practice Manager and Advisor, specializing in guiding individuals through the intricate process of stabilizing relationships post-divorce. With a passion for fostering healthy and constructive separations, Michelle is recognized for her expertise in coaching individuals on how to navigate the complexities of divorce with grace and resilience.

One of her primary focuses is on providing parental guidance for families dealing with children facing mental health challenges. Her insightful approach helps parents navigate the unique dynamics and challenges associated with supporting children through these sensitive situations.

Michelle’s professional journey also involves empowering individuals who find themselves at a crossroads after turning 50. She specializes in helping clients overcome the “I can’t” dilemma, encouraging them to embrace new opportunities and experiences in the later stages of life. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Michelle is known for her compassionate and understanding nature. Clients appreciate her ability to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment, fostering positive change and personal growth.

Xan Owens

Specialities: Health, Wellness, LGBTQ+ Life Coach

As a wellness life coach, I have over twenty years of experience in helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals, improve well-being, and overcome obstacles. I specialize in working with LGBTQIA+ individuals and communities in reclaiming identity, belonging and thriving and center clients own unique life stories and wisdom on the path toward wellness. With extensive experience in helping clients to build successful careers and in moving their lives forward to be more positive, productive, and purposeful. In addition I have a successful record of facilitating successful team development programs and designing and implementing organizational initiatives that assist in achieving professional and personal goals, and objectives. My prior professional training and experience in the US Army and Law enforcement has given me a strong background in counseling, team collaboration, assessment, and client progress monitoring. All the while being a recovering Protestant and practicing Buddhist, I fell | have a unique perspective that can be insightful and humorous. Some might say I am a Stoic with a Buddhist attitude.

As a Certified Wellness Life Coach, I am here to inspire and support my clients in the discovery of their strengths, values and purpose. I am passionate about LGBTQIA+ advocacy and work diligently to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in their community.

Myra Winthagen

Specialities: Family Dynamics, Addiction, Recovery, Parent/Family Education

Myra Winthagen is a dedicated advocate and ally for families in crisis. As a parent, family partner, and liaison, she embodies a commitment to ensuring that every voice and interest is not only heard but seen and valued. Her role goes beyond mere support; it’s about empowering families to navigate challenging situations.

With a compassionate approach, Myra works tirelessly to assist families facing crises, offering guidance and support while championing their rights and perspectives. She believes in collaborative problem-solving, forging paths that consider the best interests of all involved. Her expertise lies in fostering environments where families feel empowered to contribute to their own solutions.

Myra’s journey is one of empathy, resilience, and dedication to making a tangible difference. Her collaborative efforts with families in crisis illuminate a path forward, emphasizing unity and mutual understanding. She stands as a beacon of hope, guiding families through tumultuous times, ensuring that their collective interests and voices resonate at the forefront of any resolution..